Legislative Victories

My top priority is putting our community and state in a position to succeed in the global economy,
while protecting the culture and traditions that make Acadiana unique.

Carrying Bill
Stuart Bishop

First Term Legislative Victories

During his first term in office, Representative Stuart Bishop has successfully passed common sense legislation to bring greater transparency to state government, strengthen ethics standards, cut bureaucratic red tape for families and businesses, protect our oil and gas industry, improve voting opportunities, access and technology and sustain our sportsman’s paradise.


HB 365/Act 707

Requires certain candidates for public office to undergo ethics education and training.

HB 660/Act 272

Prohibits solicitations for purchase or payment by a nongovernmental entity with a misleading appearances of coming from an official government body, and requires violators to pay a $1,000 fine.

HB 878/Act 213

Repeals the requirement that that the registrar of voters publish a list of voters who apply to vote absentee, along with their street address, and display the list at the entrance to his office.

HB 931/Act 141

Streamlines and modernizes the process for reporting information regarding workers’ injuries to the office of workers’ compensation administration.

HB 1048/Act 286

Provides authority for certain federal judges to perform marriage ceremonies.


HB 162/Act 31

Creates an individual income tax checkoff for the Louisiana Youth Leadership Seminar Corporation, also known as Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership.

HB 294/Act 789

Allows traditionally prepared cane syrup to be sold, as is currently allowed for jellies, honey and other home-prepared foods.

HB 350/Act 790

Requires DHH to maintain a secure computerized database of patients’ health information and adds conditions and protections relative to use of patient healthcare data to the Louisiana Health Care Consumers’ Right to Know law.

HB 547/Act 416

To accommodate certain citizens with physical limitations, requires that when public seats are purchased for public seating in state buildings, no fewer than five percent of the seats purchased shall have arms.


HR 127

Requests the Louisiana Supreme Court to make financial disclosure reports available for viewing on the internet.

HB 151/Act 296

Creates the Voting Technology Fund, authorizing the secretary of state to make and sell voting district and precinct maps, using the proceeds to fund new voting machine hardware and software, voting equipment and supplies, voter outreach, voter improvement and early voting.


HB 39/Act 233

Establishes requirements for new members of the Louisiana Assessor’s Retirement Fund.

HB 191/Act 241

Requires the secretary of state to take action necessary to allow voters to vote absentee if they are unable to vote during early voting or at their polling place on Election Day due to out of state work responsibilities relating to a declared emergency.

HB 376/Act 155

Establishes a mooring program for vessels in the Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area, provides for fees to be charged for mooring access and creates the Atchafalaya Delta WMA Mooring Account in the Conservation Fund to be used to develop and maintain the mooring sites.

HB 392/Act 311

Provides for continuity of care for newborns enrolled in Medicaid managed care.

HB 591/Act 323

Reforms the Department of Environmental Quality’s Waste Tire Program and creates the Waste Tire Program Task Force to report and make recommendations to oversite committees.

2014 Continued

HB 689/Act 417

Requires that certain manufacturing, oil industry and other employees be paid twice monthly.

HB 799/Act 796

Prohibits state agencies from retaining special attorneys or counsel on a contingency fee basis, requires record-keeping and hourly rates of special attorneys representing the state, requires certain entities to obtain prior approval of special attorneys and provides for transparency regarding contracts by the attorney general and governor.

HB 874/Act 204

Requires annual and quarterly reports to the legislature regarding litigation instituted by a state agency.

HB 1082/Act 804

Creates the Saltwater Fish Research and Conservation Fund, using fees collected from saltwater fishing licenses to fund saltwater fish research and conservation.